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At Healing Blends we believe that the key to ultimate health lies in the harmony and balance of our physical, emotional and mental existence. However , with life’s challenges , this path of wellness is often not a smoothe one . At some time or another, we inevitably encounter dis-ease on any one or all of these planes . In fact as soon as one goes off kilter, it begins , like a domino effect to affect the others.
Whether you are on the path of wellness or seeking a path of wellness, Healing Blends would like to be your fellow companion. We strive to be a trusted source in offering you the best of natures bounty from indigenous cultures to heal and nurture and to bring your physical, spiritual and emotional life in harmony.
Our products are chosen with careful discrimination for their efficacy and traditional health value. Manufactured under the strictest conditions and inherent to their particular culture , they are eco-friendly and are made from the highest and purest grades of materials available at their sources. Some are Reiki-Enhanced TM ., and for those that aren’t , we are happy to reiki the product at no additional charge for you. All you need do is ask. We welcome your questions, comments and testimonials and look forward to serving you on your path to wellness.
Namaste, nuff love and blessings,
Patricia Phang-Sang Chase, RM.
Traditional Reiki Master, PAHT Practitioner, ADL Minister


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