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Bon is the indigenous religion of Tibet. In Tibetan Bon, it is believed that our bodies, like the universe, is comprised of 5 elements - earth, water, fire, air and space. Each element corresponds to a major organ in our body ( e.g. earth - spleen); and also one of the five poisons or afflictions ( ignorance, attachment, anger, jealousy and pride )

In this workshop Khenpo will teach
1. The relative organ and affliction associated with each element.
2. How an excess or diminition of each element affects our health and human existence.
3. The visualization and meditative practice to achieve right balance of the elements thereby strengthening the "La" or soul. It is believed in Tibetan Bon that the La or soul supports the body in the same way a pillar supports a house.

The use of this practice will therefore strengthen our health, our energy centers and clear and control the five poisons or afflictions

Khenpo Ratsa Geshe Tenzin Dargye is a highly respected lama of unbroken Bon lineage. He is the Abbot of the Tashi Gygye Thaten Ling Monastery in Dhorpatan Nepal and holds a Geshe ( doctor of Philosophy ) degree from Bon Menri Monastery. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience as a healer to his teachings.

Early Bird registration until August 6 $120
After August 6 $140

Proceeds from this teaching to benefit the Tashi Gygye Thaten Ling Monastery and its outreach programs in Dhorpatan, Nepal

Saturday August 24 9:30 am-4:00pm Sunday August 25 10:00am - 1:00pm

Perfit Personal Fitness Center 619 N 21 Avenue, Hollywood Florida
Our price: $120.00 (€104.40)
The ultimate experience . This collection contains one each of our Aroma Scents. An excellent tool kit for healing practitioners and massage therapists. The absolute spa treasure for the individual serious about balancing body, mind and spirit.
Our price: $115.00 (€100.05)
Two empowering workshops on Karma and Bon Buddhist healing from highly respected Lamas of unbroken Bon lineage.

Saturday August 6, 2011 - 9:30-5:00 pm - KARMA, THE LAW OF CAUSE AND EFFECT
What is Karma? Understanding this universal law of cause and effect is critical for our growth and healing. Discover how our past actions are sown as seeds in our present life. Learn how to identify these seeds and how to best cope with, and break them. Manifest an awakened potential by renouncing unwholesome behavioral patterns while consciously cultivating wholesome ones. These teachings will give you the key and spiritual fortitude for change.

Facilitated by His Eminence 7th Kundol Namkha Thinley Wangyal Rinpoche, much sought after for his vision, psychic accuracy and healing. The head of Za Mongyal Monastery in Dehradun, India, Rinpoche feels the urgency of sharing his insights and these teachings in these times.
More on H.E. in detailed description.

Sunday August 7, 2011 - 9:30-5:00 pm - SIDPA GYALMO BON HEALING
Sidpa Gyalmo is the enlightened protector ( guardian angel) of all things Bon. She fiercely protects temples, holy places and most appropriately, practitioners from obstacles, misfortunes and epidemics. This powerful, potent and life changing teaching activates the healing energies at all levels. The healing waters produced during this practice is considered to be a powerful remedy for the illnesses arising from Karma and these modern times. These teachings will consist of an ancient traditional oral transmission, mantra meditation, breathing and visualization. Embody the healing wisdom and power of Sidpa Gyalmo to help clear karmic patterns, bring protection, health, prosperity and happiness in your life.

Facilitated by Khenpo Ratsa Geshe Tenzin Dargye, highly respected for his healings and vast knowledge of Tibetan medicine and herbs. The abbot of Bon Monastery in Dhorpatan, West Nepal and founder of The Bon Children Welfare Centre. More on Khenpo Ratsa in detailed description.

The proceeds from these workshops to benefit Za Mongyal Yungdrung Monastery a 501(c)
7500 NE4th Court, Suite 104
$95 per workshop before July 31 ( $120 after July 31)
Save on both - $150 before July 31 ( $175 after July 31)
Our price: $95.00 (€82.65)
Zeolite Cluster 2
Apophyllite, Pink Stillbite on Blue Chalcedony Matrix comprise this beauty of a Zeolite Cluster.

Zeolites are comprised of 45 natural minerals. They occur generally in a matrix . Excellent Reiki Stones, they heighten a pure connection and transmission of universal chi or prana between the giver and the receiver. Zeolites are also known for their detoxifying effect on the body and are excellent allies for heavy drug and alcohol users. They also help with withdrawal symptoms for the addicted. Because of their detoxifying nature, they are effective in treating bloatedness and in the treatment of goiter. Used also to remove negative energy, they are stones that bring with them peace and tranquility while promoting happiness.

Sourced in India 6 1/4" x 5 1/2" x 3 1/2" cluster
Our price: $95.00 (€82.65)
Amethyst Heart Cluster
SKU: amehrt1
Premium Amethyst Heart Cluster. 4 1/2" across by 3 1/2"' long by 1" thick. Stunning specimen!

Amethyst is one of the 4 core stones of the gemstone kingdom, known for its protective, healing and enhancing intuitive qualities.
Our price: $70.00 (€60.90)
Himalayan Salt Inhaler Trio Pack
PURCHASE 3 UNITS AND SAVE - REGULARLY $22.00 each - PURCHASE 3 at $20.00 each

Safe, non-invasive and easy to use, The Himalayan Salt Inhaler is a part of Halo ( salt ) and Speleo ( cave ) therapy. Daily use of three 5-minute sessions can help with many respiratory ailments including snoring as it clears blocked nasal cavities and passage ways while helping to heal an repair inflamed lungs and airways.

Breathe more easily throughout the day and get a better nights sleep. Applications include asthma, sinus problems, congestion, bronchitis, colds, allergies, hay fever, smoker's cough, respiratory infections, pollen allergy, rhinitis.

Simply place the salt inhaler into your mouth. inhaling through the mouth and exhaling though the nose taking care not to exhale into the inhaler. As you inhale through the mouthpiece, moisture of the inhaled air absorbs the microscopic salt particles which are rich in negative ions, many trace elements and minerals. These are permeated throughout the respiratory system with the cycle of your breathing with the inhaler. A salty taste may be experienced in the mouth and lips but will lessen as the salt crystals vaporize within the salt inhaler.

Ceramic salt chamber complete with 4 ozs. of himalayan salt crystals inside this refillable inhaler.
This is a personal item for individual use only. Discard when chipped, cracked or broken. Change salt monthly if using daily
Our price: $60.00 (€52.20)
Shungite Cylinders - One pair
This amazing stone was discovered in the 1700's and is thought to be 2 billion years old. A native of Keralia, Russia, it is the only know natural product to contain fullerenes, one of the strongest anti-oxidants.

Shungite is referred to as the medicine stone of this century and is used for the relief of overstrain and stress, stimulation of memory and attention, normalization of blood pressure, reduced repetition stress injury from sports and repetitive physical activity. It is also used to purify water and neutralize and absorb electro magnetic frequencies.

These cylinders may be used for water purification, massage therapy and meditation.

Price includes one pair 4" long x 1" diameter
Our price: $60.00 (€52.20)
Fluorite Standing 4 - Bookends
Fluorite is a powerful healing stone, dealing with various infections and disorders. Highly protective especially on a psychic level, it cleanses and stabilizes the aura. Excellent for electromagnetic stress, it is the perfect stone to set beside the computer, wi-fi and for protection from cell phones. It cleanses, purifies, grounds and integrates. An excellent focus stone, it improves physical and mental coordination as it helps one to organize and process information. Fluorite is said to regenerate the skin, cells and mucus membranes. It alleviates arthritis, rheumatism and nerve related pain such as shingles and also rekindles sexual libido.

Sourced in Mexico - 4 1/2" x 2 3/4 " x 1 3/4" Polished face , back and insides with natural exteriors
Our price: $50.00 (€43.50)
Neroli Essential Oil - citrus aurantium var. amara - 15ml pure, undiluted essential oil
Neroli oil is an exqusite, euphoric soft oil with a delicate floral citrus aroma. A premiere oil for mature skin, it also has a soothing effect on the nervous system and is one of the best oils used in cases of grief, shock and depression.

Steam distilled from the hand-harvested flowers of the bitter orange trees in Tunisia, the tiny white flowers are incredibly fragile. It takes 2,000 lbs. of fresh neroli flowers to produce a kilo of oil. We offer ours 100% pure and undiluted to you. You will find many other brands blended with grapeseed or jojoba.
Our price: $50.00 (€43.50)
Quartz Key ( Aperture) Barnacle
A key crystal has an indentation or key in one of the sides which narrows as it penetrates the body of the crystal. It provides a doorway to the parts of self that are normally hidden or is used to access hidden information of any kind. Meditating with one of these crystals reveals what is hidden especially in the subconscious mind. This special wand is not only a key but also a barnacle which has smaller beautiful crystal points growing on the larger crystal. The barnacle is useful for meditating on family and community issues and for people who are employed in serving others as it provides cohesive group energy that encourages and promotes unity.

4" x 1 1/4" x 2 1/4"
Our price: $45.00 (€39.15)