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VETIVER ( vetiveria zizanoides) 100% ESSENTIAL OIL - 15ML
Known as the ' oil of tranquility', Vetiver is psychologically grounding, calming and stabilizing. In Calcutta India, the awning, blinds and sunshades are often made of Vetiver grass. They are sprinkled with water in hot weather for its cooling effect and exquisite scent.

Known also as Khus Khus, it is used extensively in perfumes, food and beverages for its cooling effect on the body and mind. It is extremely helpful in coping with stress and recovering from emotional trauma and shock.

Excellent for scars and other marks on the skin, it promotes growth of new tissues, evens out the skin tone and very effective on stretch marks.

Its soothing, cooling quality makes its an excellent anti-inflammatory for both the circulatory and nervous systems and also for sunstrokes. It is also said to enhance the libido.
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A Concise Introduction to Tibetan Astrology - Tenzin Sherab and Tenzin Tsewang Jamling for Men-Tsee-Khang
A detailed account of the origins and classification of Tibetan Astrology, this book also covers the relationship with other Tibetan studies such as Tibetan Medicine. Other topics include the three system of days, the natal horoscope, obstacle years, marriage compatability, health, the deceased, when to raise prayer flags, dates for beginning important projects, dates for travelling, wedding ceremonies, moving, medical treatment, good commerce and farming days.

5 1/2" x 8 1/2 " - 120 pages with and abundance of Tibetan art and illustrations including charts
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This book is an introduction to the Tibetan Medical approach to understanding the etiology, diagnosis and treatment of illness. It's holistic view of health and disease is reflected in the allegorical tree, which is the primary method of instruction for countless generations of Tibetan doctors and is based on the rGyud-bZhi

Edited by Dr. Lobsang Tsultrim Tsona and Dr. Tenzin Dakpa . 135 pages . A Men-Tsee-Khang Publication
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365 Dalai Lama - Daily Advice From The Heart Book - HH Dalai Lama XIV
Imagine having an audience with the Dalai Lama where he could offer you personal advice on how you could live your life better, be more joyful, and create a better world.

365 Dalai Lama brings you exactly that- short and inspiring words offering you enlightening advice for everyday living

372 pages
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Oregano Essential Oil - orginanum vulgare - 15ml
One of the strongest immune- enhancing essential oils, Oregano is high in anti-oxidants and supports the respiratory system.

Used first in Greece for its disinfectant and anti-bacterial properties in treating skin wounds, Oregano later became popular as a preservative in foods. It promotes digestion by increasing the secretion of digestive juices.

An excellent pain killer, it is also an anti-inflammatory and is known to heal psoriasis, eczema, athletes foot, flu and other viral and bacterial borne diseases.

Due to its powerful stimulation and regulation of the hormones, it is not for use for pregnant women; and as such is beneficial for those with menopausal or pre-menopausal symptoms.

Origin - Greece
Aroma - Sharp, Earthy, Herbal
Body - Stimulating, Protecting
Mind - Balancing
Spirit - Reassuring
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Aventurine Gemstone Pyramid
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Pyramids are a form of sacred geometry and are wonderful companions for energy work as they collect and bring energy to the central focal point of their existence and amplifying their vibrations throughout their environment.

The Green Aventurine is a stone of prosperity and good luck. A heart chakra stone, it comforts, harmonizes and protects that chakra. Also an all round healing stone not only for the heart but also for the sinuses, liver, lungs, adrenal glands, muscular and urogenital system.

It brings with it an irresistible soothing energy, balancing and aligning the intellectual, emotional physical and auric bodies.

1 7/8" x 1 7/8" x 2"
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Cultivating A Daily Meditation Book
Cultivating A Daily Meditation - Selections from a Discourse on Buddhist View, Meditation and Action

In April 1985 and October 1986, His Holiness the Dalai Lama delivered a series of discourses on the topic of Meditation, The Buddhist View and Action.

They were recorded at the time and later prepared into an edited text, the result of which is this book.

In this book he provides a clear and simple method to cultivate a daily practise of meditation. He also explains in depth on how to cultivate both a heart of compassion and the expansive view of emptiness, the Great Void, in ones life.

The visualization process used is the basis of the contemplation is that of Buddha and the four great Bodhisattvas - Avalokiteshvara, Manjushri, Vajrapani and Tara; and explains the symbolic significance of these figures.

The picture that emerges from this exposition is that Buddhism, in spite of it being labelled as a religion, is mainly a way of life to ensure that we bring some happiness, peace, meaning and purpose into our lives; and that we learn to live in harmony with the environment.

130 pages - Published in New Delhi
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Frankincense has been used since ancient times for medicinal, cosmetic, aromatic and spiritual applications. It is an antiseptic, astringent, carminative, digestive, diuretic, sedative, tonic and expectorant. Used to regenerate aging skin, it is also effective with bacterial and fungal infections. It's anti-inflammatory property is effective in joint pain and arthritis. An excellent oil for grounding and calming without being sedating, it is used effectively for meditation.

Origin- Oman
Aroma - Spicy, Woody
Body - Rejuvenating
Mind - Calming
Spirit - Comforting
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Chakra Quartz Shiva Lingam Set
Premium Quartz Shiva Lingams are engraved with chakra symbol and corresponding colour to assist in your yoga meditation and healing practice. Set includes 7 lingams in black cotton bag. Lingams are 1" in length and 1/2" at their widest point.
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Two empowering workshops on Karma and Bon Buddhist healing from highly respected Lamas of unbroken Bon lineage.

Saturday August 6, 2011 - 9:30-5:00 pm - KARMA, THE LAW OF CAUSE AND EFFECT
What is Karma? Understanding this universal law of cause and effect is critical for our growth and healing. Discover how our past actions are sown as seeds in our present life. Learn how to identify these seeds and how to best cope with, and break them. Manifest an awakened potential by renouncing unwholesome behavioral patterns while consciously cultivating wholesome ones. These teachings will give you the key and spiritual fortitude for change.

Facilitated by His Eminence 7th Kundol Namkha Thinley Wangyal Rinpoche, much sought after for his vision, psychic accuracy and healing. The head of Za Mongyal Monastery in Dehradun, India, Rinpoche feels the urgency of sharing his insights and these teachings in these times.
More on H.E. in detailed description.

Sunday August 7, 2011 - 9:30-5:00 pm - SIDPA GYALMO BON HEALING
Sidpa Gyalmo is the enlightened protector ( guardian angel) of all things Bon. She fiercely protects temples, holy places and most appropriately, practitioners from obstacles, misfortunes and epidemics. This powerful, potent and life changing teaching activates the healing energies at all levels. The healing waters produced during this practice is considered to be a powerful remedy for the illnesses arising from Karma and these modern times. These teachings will consist of an ancient traditional oral transmission, mantra meditation, breathing and visualization. Embody the healing wisdom and power of Sidpa Gyalmo to help clear karmic patterns, bring protection, health, prosperity and happiness in your life.

Facilitated by Khenpo Ratsa Geshe Tenzin Dargye, highly respected for his healings and vast knowledge of Tibetan medicine and herbs. The abbot of Bon Monastery in Dhorpatan, West Nepal and founder of The Bon Children Welfare Centre. More on Khenpo Ratsa in detailed description.

The proceeds from these workshops to benefit Za Mongyal Yungdrung Monastery a 501(c)
7500 NE4th Court, Suite 104
$95 per workshop before July 31 ( $120 after July 31)
Save on both - $150 before July 31 ( $175 after July 31)
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