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2011 Metal Rabbit Wall Calendar
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Tibetan 2011 Year Of The Metal Rabbit Calendar. This year brings the image of Lord Avalokiteshvara, whose human manifestation is said to be His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama. This four-armed image of Lord Avalokiteshvara depicts the embodiment of Compassion.
Calendar lists all special holidays, purification, unfavourable and auspicious days.
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2012 Water Dragon Pocket Diary
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Includes day to day forecast of the cycle of the five elements, favourable and unfavourable days for named activities and the moon cycle. Has both Tibetan and Gregorian dates.
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2015 Wood Sheep Tibetan Datebook
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The 2015 Wood Sheep Tibetan Datebook is a comprehensive datebook for those with the following interests
1. The elemental energy for each day
2. The auspicious and inauspicious days of the year
3. Moon cycle
4. Special days in the Tibetan and Buddhist culture.

144 pages showing both the Tibetan and Gregorian Calendar with 3 days on each page.

A Men Tsee Khang Publication
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365 Dalai Lama - Daily Advice From The Heart Book - HH Dalai Lama XIV
Imagine having an audience with the Dalai Lama where he could offer you personal advice on how you could live your life better, be more joyful, and create a better world.

365 Dalai Lama brings you exactly that- short and inspiring words offering you enlightening advice for everyday living

372 pages
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A Concise Introduction to Tibetan Astrology - Tenzin Sherab and Tenzin Tsewang Jamling for Men-Tsee-Khang
A detailed account of the origins and classification of Tibetan Astrology, this book also covers the relationship with other Tibetan studies such as Tibetan Medicine. Other topics include the three system of days, the natal horoscope, obstacle years, marriage compatability, health, the deceased, when to raise prayer flags, dates for beginning important projects, dates for travelling, wedding ceremonies, moving, medical treatment, good commerce and farming days.

5 1/2" x 8 1/2 " - 120 pages with and abundance of Tibetan art and illustrations including charts
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This book, authored by Dr. Tsering Dorjee Dekhang MD, contains the description of nearly 200 Tibetan medicinal plants, including herbs, shrubs and trees. These plants thrive in the picturesque Kangra valley against the backdrop of majestic Dhauladhar Mountain range in the state of Himachal Pradesh, India. The book also provides the information regarding the flowering or fruiting seasons of the plantst and the environment conditions or habitats in which the plansts thrive. Description of their proper collection periods, purification of various plant parts and drying procedures are also mentioned. Additionally, each plant's taste, quality and uses are presented for the reader along with the botanical, scientific family name, English common names as well as Tibetan and HIndi names.
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Hablar de las propiedades del Aloe Vera es reerirse casi a una botica complete en una sola planta. Hoy en dia la utilizacion del aloe vera se puede observer en un numero de tratamientos muy amplio como tratameintos del esomago, tratamiento antienvejecimiento, tratmiento del asma, tratamiento del cholesterol, tratamiento en los dientes.

Aunque el aloe posee otras aplicaciones como agente hidratante, ayuda digestion, evita la caida de pelo y un sin numero mas de bondades; las ya resaltadas son las mas novedosas y descubiertas en los ultimos tiempos.
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Los chakras son centros metafiscos de energia que el antiguo sistema curativo situa en siete zonas importantes a lo largo del cuerpo. Simbolizan la conexion entre lo fisico y lo spiritual. Su equillibrio es sinonimo de saludy cuando ese equilibrio se rompe puede manifestarse a traves de diversos problemas mentales, emocionales o fisiologicos. Como son parte de nuestro ser, es sumamente importante llegar a conocerlos.

Este libro he tratado de dar informacion mas profunda sobre los chakras y su importancia en lo que llamamos Manejo de energia.

Ediciones Mirbet
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Cristalo- Terapia Curacion Con Piedras
Ediciones Mirbet. En este libro, hemos desarrollado cada una de sus posibles dudas, sobere esta terapia que dia a dia esta ganando mas adeptos. No espere mas, y enterese - por ejemplo- de las maravillas que un cuarzo puede hacer por su salud. Y sin mencionar a los otros cristales y piedras que tambien hemos descrito en estas paginas.
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Cultivating A Daily Meditation Book
Cultivating A Daily Meditation - Selections from a Discourse on Buddhist View, Meditation and Action

In April 1985 and October 1986, His Holiness the Dalai Lama delivered a series of discourses on the topic of Meditation, The Buddhist View and Action.

They were recorded at the time and later prepared into an edited text, the result of which is this book.

In this book he provides a clear and simple method to cultivate a daily practise of meditation. He also explains in depth on how to cultivate both a heart of compassion and the expansive view of emptiness, the Great Void, in ones life.

The visualization process used is the basis of the contemplation is that of Buddha and the four great Bodhisattvas - Avalokiteshvara, Manjushri, Vajrapani and Tara; and explains the symbolic significance of these figures.

The picture that emerges from this exposition is that Buddhism, in spite of it being labelled as a religion, is mainly a way of life to ensure that we bring some happiness, peace, meaning and purpose into our lives; and that we learn to live in harmony with the environment.

130 pages - Published in New Delhi
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