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Bergamot Essential Oil - Citrus Bergamia - 13ml
An incredibly versatile oil that aids and improves digestion, gives the skin a natural glow, relieves nervous tension and is a natural deodorant. It is a great diuretic and can be mixed with water to whiten the teeth as well as a mouthwash. A few drops in a tub of running water is helpful for UTI, stress, PMS, anxiety and depression as well as exhaustion
Our price: $13.50 (€11.75)
Black Ethiopian Incense Resin - 3/4 oz.
Black Ethiopian Incense Resin is a blend of frankincense, Benzoin, Myrrh and Styrax. It is commomly used in temples, ashrams, churches and mosques. Used for meditation and purification, this blend has a divine aromatic floral scent.
Our price: $4.00 (€3.48)
Black Onyx Faceted Bead Mala
108 8mm faceted Black Onyx beads with 1 10mm Guru Bead or Buddha Head. 3 8mm Turquoise beads flanked on either side by white metal rings provide the spacers for this exquisite mala. Strung on durable black cotton mala thread which completes a 2 1/2" tassel.

Onyx is an excellent companion for centering and grounding. It helps in coping with grief, enhancing self control, stimulates wise decision making and encourages happiness and good fortune. Most importantly, it helps one to attract and absorb from the universe those energies that are needed for one's growth.

A perfect stone for meditation it aids one in seeing the duality of nature as well as synthesize both the yin/yang energies. It gives on the courage to follow their path while promoting the recognition of personal strengths.

Onyx also helps with problems relating to bone marrow, soft tissue structures and the feet.

Strung in Nepal
Our price: $60.00 (€52.20)
Bliss Incense
From the house of Satya , their Yoga Series presents Bliss Incense, Rekindling your thirst for fine fragrance

Our price: $1.95 (€1.70)
Blue Bowl Incense Holder
Beautifully handpainted this highly functional holder will hold in an upright position, all your favorite 5mm log incenses as well as there's room for 4 stick incenses. 4 3/4" in diameter. A product of Nepal.
Our price: $14.99 (€13.04)
Boddhicita 12mm Bracelet
18 Boddhicita beads form this sliding adjustable bracelet. These 12mm wooden beads are inlaid with chips of turquoise and coral and copper. Made in Nepal.
Our price: $20.00 (€17.40)
Botswana Agate 8mm Prayer Beads
108 8mmm Botswana Agate and 1 10mm Guru Bead or Buddha Head Bead. Strung on durable Golden Yellow Cotton mala thread.

Botswana Agate stimulates the crown chakra and helps in furthering ones quest towards the enlightened state. It enhances creativity, encourages one to look toward the solution instead of dwelling on the problem while energizing the auric field.

Used in the treatment of the nervous system, Botswana Agate helps to rid the body of toxins while counteracting poison in the physical, emotional and intellectual planes.
Our price: $45.00 (€39.15)
Buddha Round Metal Incense Holder
Ornate dual purpose metal holder for your cones and incense sticks. Space for one cone and holes to burn 3 incense sticks in vertical position. Measures 4 1/2" in diameter and 2" high. A product of India.
Our price: $12.00 (€10.44)
Carnelian 8mm Mala
108 8mm beads with Guru bead. Carnelian is a very stabilizing stone of high energy and life force. It promotes motivation, stimulates creativity and confidence and protects against negative emotions and illness.
Our price: $40.00 (€34.80)
Cedarwood ' cupressus funebris' Essential Oil - 15 ml
One of the oldest aromatics used in temple incense, Cedarwood oil was used extensively in Egypt especially in mummification and for building sarcophagi ( coffins ). Cedarwood carries a dry woodsy aroma and has a combined tonic action on the nervous and glandular systems. An extremely balancing oil, it is particularly effective on the respiratory tract as an expectorant easing conditions such as Bronchitis, coughs catarrh and excess phlegm. Its astringent and antiseptic properties are highly beneficial to oily skin conditions in particular acne. A good hair tonic, it is excellent for dandruff, alopecia and falling hair. Other skin application included dermatitis, psoriasis, pus and scab conditions.

Nervous tension and anxiety benefit greatly by Cedarwood's calming and soothing action.

It is also used as a valuable aid to meditation as it is known to steer strayed minds back on their paths.

Our price: $9.99 (€8.69)