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2011 Metal Rabbit Wall Calendar
SKU: 2011CAL
Tibetan 2011 Year Of The Metal Rabbit Calendar. This year brings the image of Lord Avalokiteshvara, whose human manifestation is said to be His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama. This four-armed image of Lord Avalokiteshvara depicts the embodiment of Compassion.
Calendar lists all special holidays, purification, unfavourable and auspicious days.
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2012 Water Dragon Pocket Diary
SKU: 2012DIA
Includes day to day forecast of the cycle of the five elements, favourable and unfavourable days for named activities and the moon cycle. Has both Tibetan and Gregorian dates.
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2015 Wood Sheep Tibetan Datebook
SKU: 2015wsdb
The 2015 Wood Sheep Tibetan Datebook is a comprehensive datebook for those with the following interests
1. The elemental energy for each day
2. The auspicious and inauspicious days of the year
3. Moon cycle
4. Special days in the Tibetan and Buddhist culture.

144 pages showing both the Tibetan and Gregorian Calendar with 3 days on each page.

A Men Tsee Khang Publication
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365 Dalai Lama - Daily Advice From The Heart Book - HH Dalai Lama XIV
Imagine having an audience with the Dalai Lama where he could offer you personal advice on how you could live your life better, be more joyful, and create a better world.

365 Dalai Lama brings you exactly that- short and inspiring words offering you enlightening advice for everyday living

372 pages
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A Concise Introduction to Tibetan Astrology - Tenzin Sherab and Tenzin Tsewang Jamling for Men-Tsee-Khang
A detailed account of the origins and classification of Tibetan Astrology, this book also covers the relationship with other Tibetan studies such as Tibetan Medicine. Other topics include the three system of days, the natal horoscope, obstacle years, marriage compatability, health, the deceased, when to raise prayer flags, dates for beginning important projects, dates for travelling, wedding ceremonies, moving, medical treatment, good commerce and farming days.

5 1/2" x 8 1/2 " - 120 pages with and abundance of Tibetan art and illustrations including charts
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Hablar de las propiedades del Aloe Vera es reerirse casi a una botica complete en una sola planta. Hoy en dia la utilizacion del aloe vera se puede observer en un numero de tratamientos muy amplio como tratameintos del esomago, tratamiento antienvejecimiento, tratmiento del asma, tratamiento del cholesterol, tratamiento en los dientes.

Aunque el aloe posee otras aplicaciones como agente hidratante, ayuda digestion, evita la caida de pelo y un sin numero mas de bondades; las ya resaltadas son las mas novedosas y descubiertas en los ultimos tiempos.
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Aventurine Gemstone Pyramid
SKU: avpy
Pyramids are a form of sacred geometry and are wonderful companions for energy work as they collect and bring energy to the central focal point of their existence and amplifying their vibrations throughout their environment.

The Green Aventurine is a stone of prosperity and good luck. A heart chakra stone, it comforts, harmonizes and protects that chakra. Also an all round healing stone not only for the heart but also for the sinuses, liver, lungs, adrenal glands, muscular and urogenital system.

It brings with it an irresistible soothing energy, balancing and aligning the intellectual, emotional physical and auric bodies.

1 7/8" x 1 7/8" x 2"
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Basil Essential Oil ' ocimum basilicum' - 15ml
A highly stimulating oil, Basil is a good tonic for the nerves as it sharpens ones senses and encourages concentration. An effective treatment for headaches and migraine, Basil will calm hysteria and nerve disorders while having an uplifting effect on depression and fainting.

It is also effective for sinus congestion, asthma, bronchitis, flue and whooping cough. Use only on wasp and insect bites. Refreshes and tones sluggish and congested skin.
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Bergamot Essential Oil - Citrus Bergamia - 15ml
An incredibly versatile oil that aids and improves digestion, gives the skin a natural glow, relieves nervous tension and is a natural deodorant. It is a great diuretic and can be mixed with water to whiten the teeth as well as a mouthwash. A few drops in a tub of running water is helpful for UTI, stress, PMS, anxiety and depression as well as exhaustion
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Cedarwood ' cupressus funebris' Essential Oil - 15 ml
One of the oldest aromatics used in temple incense, Cedarwood oil was used extensively in Egypt especially in mummification and for building sarcophagi ( coffins ). Cedarwood carries a dry woodsy aroma and has a combined tonic action on the nervous and glandular systems. An extremely balancing oil, it is particularly effective on the respiratory tract as an expectorant easing conditions such as Bronchitis, coughs catarrh and excess phlegm. Its astringent and antiseptic properties are highly beneficial to oily skin conditions in particular acne. A good hair tonic, it is excellent for dandruff, alopecia and falling hair. Other skin application included dermatitis, psoriasis, pus and scab conditions.

Nervous tension and anxiety benefit greatly by Cedarwood's calming and soothing action.

It is also used as a valuable aid to meditation as it is known to steer strayed minds back on their paths.

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