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Himalayan Salt Inhaler

Himalayan Salt Inhaler
Safe, non-invasive and easy to use, The Himalayan Salt Inhaler is a part of Halo ( salt ) and Speleo ( cave ) therapy. Daily use of three 5-minute sessions can help with many respiratory ailments including snoring as it clears blocked nasal cavities and passage ways while helping to heal an repair inflamed lungs and airways.

Breathe more easily throughout the day and get a better nights sleep. Applications include asthma, sinus problems, congestion, bronchitis, colds, allergies, hay fever, smoker's cough, respiratory infections, pollen allergy, rhinitis.

Simply place the salt inhaler into your mouth. inhaling through the mouth and exhaling though the nose taking care not to exhale into the inhaler. As you inhale through the mouthpiece, moisture of the inhaled air absorbs the microscopic salt particles which are rich in negative ions, many trace elements and minerals. These are permeated throughout the respiratory system with the cycle of your breathing with the inhaler. A salty taste may be experienced in the mouth and lips but will lessen as the salt crystals vaporize within the salt inhaler

Ceramic salt chamber complete with 4 ozs. of himalayan salt crystals inside this refillable inhaler.
This is a personal item for individual use only. Discard when chipped, cracked or broken. Change salt monthly if using daily

3" x 5"

Weight 1.00 lbs
Price: $22.00 (19.14)