Two empowering workshops on Karma and Bon Buddhist healing from highly respected Lamas of unbroken Bon lineage.

Saturday August 6, 2011 - 9:30-5:00 pm - KARMA, THE LAW OF CAUSE AND EFFECT
What is Karma? Understanding this universal law of cause and effect is critical for our growth and healing. Discover how our past actions are sown as seeds in our present life. Learn how to identify these seeds and how to best cope with, and break them. Manifest an awakened potential by renouncing unwholesome behavioral patterns while consciously cultivating wholesome ones. These teachings will give you the key and spiritual fortitude for change.

Facilitated by His Eminence 7th Kundol Namkha Thinley Wangyal Rinpoche, much sought after for his vision, psychic accuracy and healing. The head of Za Mongyal Monastery in Dehradun, India, Rinpoche feels the urgency of sharing his insights and these teachings in these times.

H.E. Kundol Thinley Wangyal Rinpoche is a Tulku - the 7th reincarnation of the great Kundol Jatson Nyingpo of Tibet, a great terton, revealer of hidden treasures and founder of the great seat of learning Za Mongyal Monastery. Though his prime studies have been in Bon at the seat of Menri tradition, Rinpoche considers himself a non-sectarian as he pursues his avid desire to learn and understand all the great religious traditions. To date, he has received many teachings and initiations from several highly venerated teachers, including H.H. Menling Tri- Rinpoche, H. H. Dilgo Kyenstse Rinpoche, H.H. Dodrup Rinpoche and Paltrul Jampal Lodoe Rinpoche. His wisdom and knowledge far exceeds and would overwhelm mention here. Suffice it to say, it is inevitable one experiences them during the teachings H. E 7th Kundol Namkha Thinley Wangyal Rinpoche.

Sunday August 7, 2011 - 9:30-5:00 pm - SIDPA GYALMO BON HEALING
Sidpa Gyalmo is the enlightened protector ( guardian angel) of all things Bon. She fiercely protects temples, holy places and most appropriately, practitioners from obstacles, misfortunes and epidemics. This powerful, potent and life changing teaching activates the healing energies at all levels. The healing waters produced during this practice is considered to be a powerful remedy for the illnesses arising from Karma and these modern times. These teachings will consist of an ancient traditional oral transmission, mantra meditation, breathing and visualization. Embody the healing wisdom and power of Sidpa Gyalmo to help clear karmic patterns, bring protection, health, prosperity and happiness in your life.

Facilitated by Khenpo Ratsa Geshe Tenzin Dargye, highly respected for his healings and vast knowledge of Tibetan medicine and herbs. The abbot of Bon Monastery in Dhorpatan, West Nepal and founder of The Bon Children Welfare Centre.

Once again this year, we are pleased to welcome Khenpo Ratsa, His cheer, willingness to share and his sense of humour are a delight to his students.

A native of Jomsang, Mustang, Khenpo, as a child was tutored by his father, himself a respected healer. At age 14, inspired by his grandparents, Khenpo decided to become a monk. He studied at the Bon Dialect school and in 1996 . he achieved his Geshe degree, a doctor of Philosophy. His monastery's main activity is the gathering of the nearly 300 medicinal plants used in Tibetan medicine. Khenpo is also the founder of a Tibetan medicine centre in Dhorpatan, Nepal which provides health services to the inhabitants of the surrounding rural areas. Though healing is his second nature, he is also driven to help the needy both here and in his homeland. He tirelessly works at this mission and during his visit here, has mounted several projects of feeding and clothing the poor via the Lotus of Compassion Center in Philadelphia where he is the spiritual director.

The proceeds from these workshops to benefit Za Mongyal Yungdrung Monastery a 501(c)
7500 NE4th Court, Suite 104, Midtown Miami
$95 per workshop before July 31 ( $120 after July 31)
Save on both - $150 before July 31 ( $175 after July 31)
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Price: $95.00 (82.65)
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