"It's like a journey like no other that I look forward to taking again and again which I believe is good for my mind and body."

- Larry Green, Virginia Beach (Reiki)

Tsalung Healing Therapy and Tse Dup Yang Bod Soul Healing Therapy (Tibetan Medicine and Ancient Tibetan Healing)

Tsalung Healing Therapy is a method of healing body-mind disorders that is non-medication based.  Derived from the Tibetan Buddhist Tantric Practice, it is a method used to remove the body-mind obstacles caused by wind blockage.  Wind in its subtle and formidable forms moves, disposes and distributes everything throughout the body. Blockages and obstruction of wind become the cause of mental and physical ailments and if left unattended, disturb normal and healthy body and mind function.  Tsalung Healing Therapy is a centuries old practice of Yogis, a well-kept secret with very limited knowledge exposure in the west. In 1996 Professor Pasang Arya began teaching this practice on a limited basis. It involves the laying of hands, quite similar to Reiki, with the exception of the yogic exercises and Buddhist spiritual affiliations.  Clients have used this for a plethora of medical as well as karmic and spiritual issues.  Depending on the specific issues, treatment can range from 30 minutes to 1 hour. Tsalung Healing Therapy can also be done via distance healing.

Tse Dup Yang Bod Tibetan Bon Healing modality offers the potential for a complete healing of that which is invisible and unexplainable with physical medicine.   The foundation of good health is a balanced and synchronized communication among the 5 major organs, the 5 inner elements – flesh, breath, heat, blood, and mind – and the 5 outer elements – earth, wind, fire, water and space. When this chain reaction is disrupted, the elements become sluggish or blocked and give rise to disease, trauma, stress. This in turn affects the soul of the organ(s).   Tse Dup Healing works with the energetic essence of the 5 elements, effectively utilizing and reconnecting the energetic connections and clearing the communicative pathways between the organs, elements and the soul's energy.  Clients have used this for a plethora of medical as well as karmic and spiritual issues. Treatments are 1 hour. Tse Dup Yang Bod healing can also be done remotely via distance healing.


Usui Reiki is an alternative form of energy healing involving the transfer of energy by the laying on of hands.  Reiki targets the energy field in a recipient’s body, helping with the flow of energy and the removal of blockage.  Clients have used this to effectively handle stress, overall wellness, depression, and pain. Treatments run 1 hour to 70 minutes. Reiki can also be done via distance healing.

Primus Activation Healing Technique (PAHT)

The Primus Activation Healing Technique works with the body's natural electro-magnetic field and its two primary electro-magnetic oscillators - the heart and the brain.  Developed by Naisha Ashian, it is a vibrational healing modality that synchronizes brain and heart creating a powerful energetic field that emanates from the facilitator via a meditation technique and a series of hand positions to the client's electro-magnetic field.  It uses the law of resonance and the human electro-magnetic field to activate specific parts of the nervous system. Clients have used this to effectively handle fluctuating hormones, stress relief, and immune system balance.  Sessions are typically 1 hour.

Wellness Mentoring and Coaching Consultations

Helping you to implement strategies for overall lifestyle and health well-being, these consultations are done via phone or skype and are booked in 30 or 60 minute sessions.

Energetic Home Cleanings

Homes can be clean and organized but still carry a heavy “something just doesn't feel right” feeling.  This can be caused by a combination of things from constant negative thoughts, family arguments, etc.  Whether you've just moved, or simply need a good energy clearing in your home, I offer these services.  Charges are based on travel time and size of home and includes all materials. The only thing you would need to provide are some bowls.

Session Rates
30 minute sessions – $50 
60 minute sessions – $90  
90 min sessions – $100

In some cases, I am able to treat clients at their location when they are unable to travel. Please contact me if this is your case.

Unless requested otherwise, I will often incorporate the use of essential oils and gemstones as a part of my treatments. There is no additional charge, I use them because I love to!

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I am honored to serve you

Patricia Phang-Sang Chase

ADL Minister
Usui Reiki Master
PAHT Crystal Resonance Practitioner
Tse Dup Yang Bod Drup Shenpa
Tibetan Medicine Amchi Naturopath