Sorig Loong Tea

Sorig Loong Tea

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20 tea bags

Formulated from Tibetan Medical text, Sorig Loong Tea helps to pacify various problems aggravated by loong disorders (an imbalance of wind in the body). Symptoms of this include paleness, upper and lower back pain, acute diarrhea and vomiting, mental instability, anger, insomnia, and anorexia. These are generally caused by excessive thinking, fasting, irregular sleep, heavy blood loss, and strenuous physical activities on an empty stomach.

Ingredients: Rosa brunonii (wild rose), Carum carvi (caraway), Myristica fragrans (nutmeg), Illicium verum (mint), Zingiber offinalis (ginger), Piper longum (long pepper)

Customer Reviews

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Peace & Tranquility

I am so grateful to Patricia for introducing me to Loong tea. Its calming and relaxing properties provide the relief I need on a daily basis. Right before bed, it puts me in a relaxed and centered state, allowing me to unwind and prepare for a good night's sleep. I highly recommend it to anyone seeking a soothing and comforting tea to incorporate into their daily routine!

Amazing tea

Patricia is extremely knowledgeable, and so so kind. I’ve been buying my tea from Healing Blends for over 1 year, and the Loong tea is my favorite. Very calming and relaxing.

Robyn S.

Thank you so much. The Loong tea is better than a Xanax!


Great Service teamwork between you, mother and daughter…
Seeing my interest in knowing and remembering the names of the stones, you gave me their names while your daughter even cheerfully wrote them down for me… so I left More educated about the five nice stones I was considering and bought—and you two complemented the moment with your kindness and generosity … two thumbs up!


Great little shop with a very nice selection of incense, oils , crystals, beads and more...

Alina S.


Love collecting beautiful crystals from Patricia!

Jessica Gomez

so special crystals and serene environment

Charlene S


best quality of crystals and oils

Juan Carlos Rivera

Thank you for always sharing valuable info on my journey! Love you Ms. Patricia!



Thank you for sharing your knowledge and energy. I appreciate you guidance.


my favorite place for crystals and stones and meditation

A J Harrison


Amazing service...beautiful selection...definitely recommending and coming back.

M.a.v. Llc

Very nice lady!!! Always has been!!! Very mindful too!!! I always look forward to getting there when I can. Awesome selection.

Monique Demers


Patricia is a beautiful Spirit!

Gustavo Enamorante

I love the products Healing Blends have to offer especially the handmade soaps which are divine! Also wonderful customer service!

Maggie Blanck


So very happy and grateful for Patty's loving kindness, desire to help, genuine concern and self's well being and profound knowledge of all the products she carries and graces us with. With love and appreciation.

Erena Canal

Very caring and knowledgeable of the products she sells

Jennifer Chavez


Amazing the oils and selection of gemstones. My new favorite shop for the unique and beautiful. Thank you!


Very knowledgeable on all the stones and beads

Annette Torres


She explains her products well.

Jennifer Savage

I buy often from Healing Blends. Nice variety, good prices and pleasant person.

Maurizio Martinoli


Patricia is a wonderful soothing soul who I enjoy.

Catherine Gunn

The lady is so nice and professional. The products are of high quality and she's also very knowledgeable about everything there. I go there instead of my usual store because of the customer service and quality.

Luka Rao